Mortgage Phone Number , Phone Number

ECG Ministries Pretoria , Email Address , Phone Number , Contact Details


ECG Ministries Pretoria , Email Address , Phone Number , Contact Details
ECG Ministries Pretoria

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the Owner and Founder of ECG Ministries Pretoria and Today we are going to Discuss more on Email Address , Phone Number , Contact Details. So get Ready.

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Shepherd Bushiri Ministries , Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number

Address: 205 Soutter St, Pretoria West, Pretoria, 0183, South Africa
Phone: +27 87 813 1180

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“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

so we PRAY – Lord let the power of Your love reach someone today

Enlightened Christian Gathering Church , Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number

The Lord then answered him and said, [b]“Hypocrite! Does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose his ox or donkey from the stall, and lead it away to water it? 16 So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound—think of it—for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?” 17 And when He said these things, all His adversaries were put to shame; and all the multitude rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by Him.

Source: Shepherd Bushiri

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ECG Ministries Pretoria
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ECG Ministries Pretoria

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the Owner and Founder of ECG Ministries Pretoria and Today we are going to Discuss more on Email Address , Phone Number , Contact Details. So get Ready.

Mortgage Phone Number , Phone Number



  1. Major 1 please pray for me. Me and my cuzen we need a room atleast near with school. (In Central hospital) its very cheap for the bills. Help us to get this room before exams starts.

  2. I have been following this ministry for approximately 1 year now. I pay my tithes, offering and seed to the Church. I would like to request prayer through the Pretoria church but hasn’t been successful in doing so. Long wait with background music and the same message repeated.

    Please instruct me in properly reaching you all in Pretoria. Thanks and God bless.

  3. Shalom

    My name is Rosy, from Namibia. I would like to know with the death of our brothers is the International visiting programme still on this weekend of October 5, 2018. Please let me know as I need to cancel my flight before Friday.

  4. my name is peter ajibade, major 1 it has been 2year now hav been watch prophetic TV. Major prophecy to my life today. Thank u sir.

  5. Please papa pray for my father is vomiting when he eat. i am your daughter Benjamin Tribe.
    now is a week still vomiting. i know your God. You change my life.

  6. Please Man of God pray for me, I’m in serious financial problems, struggling to pay my fees, I’m Pauline Nyalenda. I partnered in a mining business but since from June I’m not getting anything those in charge keep on making false promises, I’m really touched, they only returned my $800 which was for joining and promised that they will give me some interests of the same figure after every two weeks but up to date nothing has been given to me yet I’m in big financial problems. The other issue is that I’m writing my exams starting this month and november, I humbly need your prayers, in know your God is able, please help me out.

  7. Hello dady I’m Chelsea from Cameroon.firstly I want to thank you for all you have done in my was my kid sister that introduced me to prophetic channel by then I was married for so long but was not able to have a child.until one day when I was watching and you were praying for fruit of the womb.i said to myself that the time has come.i connected and said to myself that as those women are being delivered that the same way I will be delivered.suddenly I felt so weak and daddy at the end of that same month i did not see my period and tested pregnancy positive.dady as I am writing you now I am 5months and 2weeks I wish I had the means to visit your ministry in South Africa to share this testimony there but I don’t have the means dady.Dady please I also applied for the American DV lottery today.and dady please I want to to pray for me so that I can be chosen.dady I know that your God who made it possible for me can still help me.because now I believe so much on the God of Major 1.i know I owe your God alot and I have promised myself to give his own whatever he gives me.thanks dady

    • Pastor prayer for me ,my request is am now finish my high school grade 12 ,and i wanted to go to the college prayed for and ask God to anoint me with wisdom and power and also witch course i should take thanks man of i trust your GOD.

  8. Good day,

    Major1 I’m having problems with paying my rent for the past two months and I’m in arrears. I’m under pressure as I don’t have the means to pay the money. My salary won’t cover everything.

    Please Man of God pray for me. Do something!
    I receive already because I know nothing is impossible with your God.


  9. My name is Justin Songwe and am a Zambian who’s very,very much ready to pay the ‘Esther Anointing and Cross over Seed Deposit’ on Saturday the 10th November 2018.I want to ask if those account particulars that are appearing on the screen apply here in Zambia in fnb banks. Is it possible to use the same particulars even here in Zambia? Please am waiting for the answer, so that when Saturday comes I pay early in the morning. Thanks.

  10. Shalom,my name is Susan from Uganda. i would like to come to ECG church as international visitor however i do not know the procedures to follow and website to use for visa application. Please guide me on what to do.

    Kind regards,


  11. I am a student a Salem University in West Virginia, studying BS, Business Admin; HRM, and a soccer player, but i am from Africa Botswana. I recently started schooling here but nothing seems easy. I lack basic needs, school laptop to do my assignments. I always feel sad and its winter and snowing but i do not have warm jackets to keep warm. I wont be going back home for Christmas because i do not have flight money. This is the best opportunity i have ever had in my life and i want to do well in school so that i can be able to provide for my family and those who are in need. I am grateful to God everyday because not everybody get this kind of opportunities, but at times i want to give up everything because its so hard to cope. And again thinking a lot makes me loose focus in school, i have already failed 1 subject. Please help me man of God. I need to get myself back on track and be able to provide for me. I tried asking for help from Botswana Football Association and Botswana National Sports Commission, thinking that because its the first time for a woman soccer to get scholarship in America, they will consider me but they are just ignorant about my situation.

    • Hello pastor Bushiri praise God my names is Paul Baraka ,from canada,my prayer request is .I have a debts of 10,000 $ please pastor prayer for me ,and i will saw my seed of 1000$ thanks man of God

  12. I am Thomas a physically disabled man with a family of six children. Five are school going. I am requesting a prayer for my family to receive Gods blessings in the coming year. I foresee doom since I earn a small salary. My children will not go to school. The chosen one pray for this family. I need a miracle, let me see the hand of God.
    Thank you and God bless the ministry abundantly

  13. Major One please pray for me and my family. my family has been struggling for a very long time now. we are said to be under a witchcraft spell the whole family and our children. my children don’t seem even able to learn. my family suffered many attacks and we have been to different men of God but seems they are unable to help.

    my life is just a mess and everything is just stagnant. i have visited ECG many times and me and my wife have come as INTERNATIONAL VISITORS respectively but still we experience the same problems. i believe in you my father and i believe in your God as i have seen what He does in other people’s lives. deliver my family man of God.

  14. Hi

    My name is Gregory Jerome im 37 years old please pray for me so i can find a woman of God to get married

    2) please pray so i can pay off all my debts

    3 ) please pray so i can prosper in my business

    4 ) please pray so i can find another job and buy another house my boss being caughting my wages and i live with my brothers they treat me badly

    5 ) please pray so God can give me wisdom understanding and direction

    6 ) please pray so God can remove fake friends fake family and negatif people in my life

    7 please pray so God can give me victory in my sleep and in my wakening

    8 ) please pray so God can make my enemies dissapear one after one because they threat my life

    9 ) please pray so i can become multimillionaire

    10 ) please pray so my brothers can get married

    11 please pass these request prayers to the group of prayer so they can pray for me every day

  15. Man of God help so that the killings and destruction of lives in North East Nigeria (boko haram) come to an end. May good Lord make them drop their weapons.
    (2) I need a breakthrough in my life. I have NGO, need funds to help the Internally Displaced Persons etc
    (3) my daughter married for 8yrs, no child
    (4) back to sender whatever enemies have done to me and my family.
    Don’t know why I’m so poor while I work hard.
    (5)need God through your prayers to make me have highest Award in the world. I had two already. Major 1 u can see deep. Pls see my numerous burden and problems and solve them for me.
    (6) I pray u read my request. Pls deliver me and my families from the bondage of evil upon my family etc

  16. Man of God I’m having a problem, universities are not responding to me. Please Papa deliver me right now in the name of Jesus. Deliver my family Papa my mom and dad are having financial problems. Please papa deliver us.

  17. CV and SONS properties is handing you over for collection for non payment of rental in Richards Bay. Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar

  18. Dear major one, we write this email requesting you to come to our place, we really like to come Pretoria but we don’t even have a cent.
    we humble our self to you my prophet please come free state a place called Mokwallo Vredefort to help your people.

    we hope and trust that our request will be highly appreciated your son

  19. face2face drug free zone is a none profit organization concerned with the eradication,awareness and education of the dangers of drug usage and consumption. the organisation will achieve its objectives by actively engaging the community as well as various stakeholders in which it operate. it will reach its objectives through the running of various programs and awareness with regard to the co correlation between HIV/AIDS and drug usage.
    we are a registered organisation 125-875 NPO

    Face 2 Face Drug Free Zone Non-Profit organization intends to embark on a rollout programs that will help the society with the following challenges:

    · Substance abuse

    · Under age and teenage pregnancy

    · Cancer

    · HIV Aids

    · Alcohol Abuse

    · Juvenile delinquency

    · Household garden

    · Tuberculosis

    Programs will be rolled out to various towns of Fezile Dabi with the intention to reach all households with door to door visitation that will be done through volunteers assisting our organization in every town. Door to door visitations will assist the municipality to identify and root out critical illnesses and to issue out references of the critically ill individuals for government assistance such as clinics and department of social development.

    As this task will be a huge program with an intention and a benchmark to cover at least 500 000 households in Fezile Dabi in six months to a year of its inception as a pilot program that will be fully rolled out after a year, the main objective is to curb the scourge of factors specified above and reduce the prevalence of those factors in a period of a year.

    Members have skills and capacity to develop operational plans of the program as well as rolling it out to achieve objectives set, also members have educational and experiential background to work diligently and be able to attract investors to this initiative.

    We hope our vision is part of your vision and look forward to a quick response for us to set up and be able to start immediately with the execution of plans set.


    CONTACTS 0833503010

  20. Hello Daddy.
    My name is Leon Ndahwi.
    I got into a fight with a girl and she assaulted me and I started bleeding. Before I could report the matter she rushed to the Police and told them that I had groped her. The matter is in court. Please pray.
    There is a girl who fabricated false allegations of Indecent assault against me after I had a verbal fight with her. Please pray for me.

  21. Good day Sir i’m blessed seeing the wonders of God in your life. Sir i need your prayers in all areas my life in my musical keyboard MOTIF 8 88 Keys, in my speed in life and in my addmission into the university for i believe the God of Major 1. Sir i need your prayers in my. Accademy i want to have a excellent result in my exams of which it will take place in the month of march and i don’t want to lose it i want to have the higest grade. The exam is (JAMB). Sir i need your prayers to give me a huge testimony i’m a constant viewer of Prophet Channel i believe my life will never be thesame. Thank you Sir Emmanuel from Nigeria

  22. 12 March 2019
    7051 Unity J Seke, Chitungwa
    Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Tafadzwa Chipuka, a third year student at Midlands State University, doing Surveying and Geomatics. I grew up from a very humbled background (from the street to a village headman, from being a village headman to an orphanage and from an orphanage to where I am today). Motivated by my humbled background, I wrote a book called Ashes to Beauty which is based on my true story. This book is the only source of income I have so far. I used to work at Central Surveys in Harare for the past vacations to raise fund to cater for my school expenses and also expenses for four orphans I am looking after since 2017, (two primary kids and two secondary), but my contract has been terminated. I am writing this latter to anyone who can help me to achieve my goal.
    My father passed away 1999 and my mother passed away 2004.
    I hope you will safely consider my issue. Thank you in advance for your help.
    Tafadzwa Chipuka
    Cell: 0782480600/0712157739

  23. my name is Elizabeth I am not working I am pleading to God of my father major 1 as your daughter in Christ pray for me to resume my work as this to leave was because of a human being to agree to destroy my marriage of which I refused but injustice was done and all I did was to put my trust on God Almighty to fight for me as in Exodus 14:14. My prophet hear my humble cry pray for me to get a wealthy job for your son and daughter to be the Great Financial Kingdom My husband was in contract of which them also have suddenly stop since 2018 till now. No food on the table no clothes no nothing my papa PLEASE DO SOMETHING CHANGE OUR LIFE THROUGH THIS EMAIL JUST SAY A WORD FOR ME AND MY HUSBANT TO GET JOB OR TO HAVE A FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH TO DO BUSSINES. PAPA MY ORACLE PLEASE DO SOMETHING BE BLEESSED AND STAY BLESSED IM NOW 5 YEARS NO JOB EVEN THE KIDS THEY ARE NOW REBELLIOUS IN PRAYER BUT WE TRY HARD TO MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR GOD WILL CHANGE OUR STORY TO SHAME THE DEVIL

  24. Hallo papa, my prophet, my name is THIMOTHY TJAVAJA an ECG member from Namibia Walvisbay branch, papa, please pray for me and my family, pray for my two beautiful daughters SYLVIA TJAVAJA and GAUDENCIA TJAVAJA they are alcoholists. Pray for My wife CICILIE TJAVAJA she is suffering from diabetes,high blood pressure, having lumps under her armpits and spiritual husband. Pray for me, am also suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease,brain attacks,stomach disorder, chest pain, erection dysfunction, allergic, bad dreams,spiritual attacks, rejections, flee accusation, poverty, unsuçces,failure, spirit of delay, my entire life is completely destroyed, but I know your God can restor my life.please dad.

  25. Major 1 my name is saba please pray for me my life is mess papa I believe in your God show me the direction my future husband and financial breakthrough my life is completely distroyed please papa.

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