Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Declaration Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Declaration Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Declaration

The renowned Prophet took to his official social media handle to unleash his declarations writing: “I decree and declare!

“Every person who was against you, the moment the salt goes inside the water the charm won’t work against you.

Every person who has planned evil for you to lose your job, to lose your relationship, to lose your deal and contract, the moment the salt makes contact with water they will be in trouble.

Every person who has been expecting a breakthrough for very long time, the moment the salt went into the water that very moment your breakthrough was released your way, financial breakthrough is coming your way.

Your job will be established
Your relationship will be established
Your career will be established
Whatever you plan will be established”

Believe in your God!

This is for those who believe in the name of the Lord.
I prophesy to you that God is filling you right now with His special anointing. Understand this anointing is referred to as to smear or to spread.

When this oil comes on you, it is coming to smear and to spread just like how David became king. To smear means to extend and to enlarge in a way of covering.The moment the oil comes, things will be extended in your life.

God will remove all the wrong people in your life and He will bring the right people to usher you into your miracle.!”


NBĀ  – Do Not Fall For Any Scammer Claiming To Be Prophet Bushiri! Prophet Bushiri Will Never Chat You On Social Media Asking You To Sow A Seed Or To Donate To Any Motherless Babies Organisation or House. Visit Enlightened Church Gathering (ECG) to Meet Prophet Shepherd Bushiri!

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