Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Prayer For You Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Prayer For You Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Prayer For You Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Prayer For You Today

My Prayer for you!

God said to my people they should not fear.
Why are you afraid?
Why are you scared ?
Dont you know I am the Lord?
The Holy one of Israel, declares the Lord of host.
I am sensing miracles right now.
The son of God is here,
Moving in our midst,
Jesus is right here.
If you did not know that Jesus is here, know that He is passing by right now.
Healing the broken hearted
Blessing His children
Touching His children
If you did not see it, I saw it.
I have seen it, Jesus is passing by.
I am sensing so many testimonies
As you raise your oil let the spirit of rest upon you.
Let the Spirit of the Almighty God, the God whom I serve fight your battles.
May Jehovah whom I serve, one by one begin to fight your battles.
May He locate you
May He locate your family
May He locate your business
May He locate your marriage
May He embarrass your enemies
Let there be power and the presence of the holy ghost over your life.
May the same power break every sickness in your body,every delay.
I speak speed in your life.
I speak protection over your life.
I speak healing in your body.
Wherever you shall go, you shall come back with a testimony.
In this month of vengeance, God is giving vengeance to all your enemies
God is avenging all your enemies
Anyone who has been fighting you,any problem fighting against you the end is near,


Credit – Shepherd Bushiri

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  1. Yes.In the name of Jesus the Christ I see all my enemies avenged by God of Major 1 who fights all my battles.In the name of Jesus I see my victory.In the name of Jesus I am walking in my victory.Amen.

  2. Amen I need my enemies to be ashamed and protection over my life since they have snatch my son from me and planned to wipe out my entire family. Let the Holly Gost take control. Amen.

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