Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon Today 6th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon Today 6th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Sermon Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon Today says: “Spiritual Height!”

There are some things that are high up and require you to grow up in order to reach for them. Glory has a location of spiritual height and if you are short in the spirit, you can never attain it.

You may jump all you like and touch the slide part of it, but it doesn’t mean you have it. God really wants you to grow, so you may experience what He has in store for you.

Maintain your miracle!

“It is not everything that God hears. There are different types of prayers and how they should be rendered/ how we should offer them.”

The fact that you once received healing does not mean you will not get sick again. The fact that Lazarus was raised back to life from the dead, does not mean he is still alive today. The fact that you received your deliverance does not mean demons won’t follow you.

If you receive healing it is your duty to maintain it. This is why God has placed churches you can go and maintain your healing.

Miracles are spiritual. The angel of the Lord that ministers with me knows everything about you.This is why things we speak as Prophets, men of noble character will never understand-only the spiritual will understand!”

God can never fail

“Never be in a moment which you think God has failed you. God can never fail, men are the ones failing God. They don’t use what God has given them.”

Say The Prayer Below:

Oh Lord I pray!

“My father, My father
The Lion of tribe of Judah.
Remember me tonight 
Give me another chance,
in my finances and in my marriage!”

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