Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon Today 8th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon Today 8th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Sermon

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Sermon today which he wrote on his official social media page says: “As I was in my office the other day, I explained to the people in my office something that I have written in my upcoming book, “Sleeping Near The Ark.”

Listen, when we read the Bible, we are told that the Lord is, “God in the heavens above (transcendent) and on the earth beneath (immanent)” [Joshua 2:11]. He is here with us, and He is there with you, and if that were not enough He is also above in the heavens. He is everywhere and so we say, He is omnipresent.

Indeed, the Bible emphasizes two particular things that I want you to take note of. Firstly, God’s manifest presence, and secondly, His omnipresence.

There is a difference between saying, “God is everywhere,” and saying, “God is here.” The former is the default category for most Christians. They just know that God is everywhere but they have never actually experienced Him. Yes, we talk about God’s presence being inescapable and that He is, “everywhere present.” Even the scripture says, “an ever-present help in times of trouble.” But His manifest presence is not something that every individual experiences.

Moses has been with God for a long time, but a moment came where God chose to manifest Himself through a burning bush to Moses.

Tonight as you pray, I want you to move from the dimension where you just hear about God’s omnipresence and begin to operate from a dimension where you feel His manifest presence. May you experience the splendor of His being in the name of Jesus Christ!”

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