Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Word Today 15th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Word Today 15th November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Word Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Word today says: “Nothing you have done in your past can make God love you any less. He will never stop loving you!”

“At the end of the day, one truth remains. Whatsoever you are searching for, whatsoever you need, it can only be found one place – in the presence of God!”

The Pastor also called for Testimonies flowing from the ongoing 7 DAY CHARITY CHALLENGE which started on the 12th day of November this year thus:

“Who has a testimony on the 7 DAY CHARITY CHALLENGE we started on Monday?

Remember on Monday we started a 7 Day Charity Challenge where I want everybody, in these 7 days, to do something special for the community. I said I want, everybody, to find something valuable in his or her life and donate it to somebody less fortunate.

This is not just about large sum of money. It can be giving a grocery to an elderly person, a cloth to a neighbor in need, a small Rand to help somebody take a taxi, a writing material to student in need, a Bible to a friend—or even just taking time to cheer somebody sick at a hospital or home.

As we prepare for 2019, A YEAR OF OPEN DOORS, God wants to teach us to be a blessing before you get your blessing. So, today, I will be online and I want to read and see what you have done, so far, or what you intend to do for this challenge.

Don’t forget, when you post, to add a hashtag #7DayCharityChallengeWithMajor1

Credit – Shepherd Bushiri

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