Shepherd Bushiri And Uebert Angel – How They Are Related

Shepherd Bushiri And Uebert Angel – How They Are Related

Shepherd Bushiri And Uebert Angel

People do ask what is the relationship between Shepherd Bushiri And Uebert Angel. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is actually one of the richest pastors in Africa and the world at large. According to some reports, he has managed to make a lot of money within 14 years. Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church. He is also an entrepreneur.

Some people speculate that he is about 40 years old. The main sources of income of the Prophet include Evangelism, Gold Mines, Communications and Bushiri University of Agriculture. You can find some of his investments in Dubai, Mauritius, Botswana, South Africa and other countries. He has investments outside Africa too.

According to Uebert Angel’s official website, “Uebert Angel had an encounter with the Lord that changed not only the message he preached but the man himself. “I never called you to preach the works, but to preach what I used to preach in my earthly ministry, the gospel (Euagellion), news nearly too good to be true).” This is one statement that God made to Uebert Angel that completely changed the way Uebert & BeBe Angel preached and taught the Good News of God’s Grace. And thus began The Good News Movement. The Good News of God’s Grace is the power of God that has the ability to empower every believer to live victoriously in life.”

Shepherd Bushiri is Uebert Angel’s spiritual son. He was mentored and tutored by Uebert. Till today, the relationship between them remains a Father son relationship.

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