Shepherd Bushiri Cars – Luxurious Lifestyle of the Prophet

Shepherd Bushiri Cars

Shepherd Bushiri Cars – Luxurious Lifestyle of the Prophet

Shepherd Bushiri Cars

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a well known Pastor in South Africa, Malawi and across the globe. This year, 2018, he embarked on a quest to win souls for Christ which took him to many countries across the world. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Cars has always popped up as a topic of discussion among many people especially South Africans.

The Prophet is known for his luxurious lifestyle which he is not afraid to show off on social media. His Spiritual father is Prophet Uebert Angel who is also well known Pastor in his country and the United Kingdom.

The prophet has an impressive car collection. Shepherd Bushiri Cars is something to reallly write home about.He owns a R10 million Rolls Royce Black Badge, a Bentley Bentayga Limited Edition and an Aston Martin One, which costs over R12 million.

The prophet bought his six-year-old daughter a Masserati for her birthday.

Bushiri paid tribute to his daughter after he bought her the Masserati saying : “I always count myself blessed during this time of the year because I get the honor (sic) to celebrate not only one but two God-given gifts in my life.

“I celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and also the birth of our first daughter, Israella Bushiri…

“My sweet little daughter, my pride and joy. May God’s loving kindness always shine on your beautiful face. I prophesy long life! You shall be great and yours shall be a life that heaven celebrates. Happy birthday my princess!”

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