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Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink Called Favour Takes Over Market

Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink

Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink Called Favour Takes Over Market

Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink

Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church has introduced a Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink called ‘Favour’.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said the drink has been made to perfection and approved by international standards.

In South Africa the Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink is being sold at R15 and it is also being sold in Europe markets. The drinks will be made available in other African countries and across the globe with time.

In an exclusive Interview with African Leadership Magazine, Prophet Bushiri talks about his businesses and his formative years in business thus:

You are obviously a young man, who is on a mission in business. How did it all start?

“I began farming as a business in Malawi in 2009, I grew the business until I was able to buy a land in a strategic area of Tanzania that was known for its gold deposits. I bought the land, just a small piece of it because I wanted to go into mining. I was then appointed the president of AFRIK — an entity that provided loans to developing countries. AFRIK is an offshoot of National Standard Finance, infrastructure and sovereign finance organization that provided loans to African governments, which paid me commissions from transactions. From those commissions, I built my businesses.

By March of that year 2009, I begin looking for investors close to the land I had bought because next to it was a mine that was owned by the American government, and there were other mines close by, so I was so sure that it had gold. So I came to South Africa to look for investors. After surveys, we found out that indeed the land had gold. Although it was not much, what I had was enough. From there my business grew. The first company I built was in Dubai, providing consulting services and it is still doing very well.

I then moved to South Africa from there. Firstly, I purchased private jets for presidential travels. We are also into energy drink production, and also have a mine in Zambia —- the Emerald mine — of course, you know emerald is more expensive than gold. We are also into the hospitality sector where we operate hotels in Nairobi, Dubai, and other new acquisitions. We also have another business where we help industries to sell cars. I also run a mobile network company in South Africa, and it’s doing very well. We have over 5000 employees in all our business subsidiaries. “

Shepherd Bushiri Energy Drink has been confirmed by many to be well brewed.

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  1. What has happened to Conman Bushiris $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam and his fake Universityies. Bushiri really is the Papa of lies !!

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