Shepherd Bushiri Healing – Get Healed When Your Faith Aligns

Shepherd Bushiri Healing – Get Healed When Your Faith Aligns

Shepherd Bushiri Healing

On Shepherd Bushiri Healing, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri once said: “I’ve never performed any miracle in my life,” Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the head pastor of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.

Some people claim the Pastor pays people to act out the miracles.

Prophet Bushiri, speaking on SABC News, disputed it all, saying that he only became aware of the allegations from reports while in the USA.

He said: “When you’re on top you become a topic,”

Bushiri has also been accused of making yet to be proven claims of “curing HIV” which he countered by saying that he has never performed a miracle in his life because only Jesus can.

Check out the video below to see one of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s healing.

Miracle still happens even in today’s world. It is up to you to have faith. Faith conquers all. Even in the bible, Jesus thought that if your faith can be as small as a “mustard seed” it can move mountains.

Whatever you believe in works for you. Your faith can and will heal you. The only thing you need to do is believe … and you will see it manifest even far more than you can ever imagine.

Many Prophets and Pastors have been accused of being fake but some people still do just believe what the Pastors tell them and it turns out to work perfectly for them.

May your faith and believe heal and save you Today …

Stay tuned for more updates.

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